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Ocarina Page

"Zelda Ocarina of Legend" style ocarinas

We will custom make any ocarina to your specifications.

Custom hand made instruments available in many colors.

See the picture below for the standard ocarina

Order form: Click on this link to order your instruments.

For more information:

Send E-mail to

Please include the style and color you are interested in.

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Made of ceramic (stoneware/earthenware) in several shapes. Our standard ocarinas, similar to the "Ocarina of Legend", are made in one size. You can also custom design one yourself or have us create something special for you (your specifications or our's). Prices vary and start at $40 a copy for the glazed model with the triforce insignia plus Priority S&H. Each instrument is hand crafted and requires approximately 8 weeks from the order date until the finished instrument ships (add ten days for personal check clearance). We have had no problem producing enough ocarinas to fill the multitude of orders. 20% discount to retailers on orders of 6 or more of the "Zelda" style ocarinas in either glazed or earthtone finish. Send us an E-mail for a quote. S&H $6 insurance extra.

Order form: Click on this link to order your instruments.
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